Ric Flair’s Hilarious Used Car Commercials Will Have You Yelling ‘Wooooo!’

The legendary “Nature Boy” stars in the funniest car commercials of all time.

Ric Flair might be too old and flabby to run around the squared circle these days, but the wrestling legend can still run his mouth (see here). And as great a wrestler as Flair was in his prime, he was even better at talking smack. 

That’s why it’s no stretch to imagine him as used car salesman named Papa Flair, the character he plays in a series of commercials for Atlanta-based US Auto Sales. 

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The set-up in these three sports is the same—Papa Flair is a slick-talking, head-locking huckster with a young woman forever on his arm. For those in the market for an old Camry, US Auto Sales is the better option. 

It’s hard to watch these and not see some similarities to the great Terry Tate, Reeboks’ office linebacker who first appeared in a brilliant set of ads in 2000. There’s also a clear nod to some real-life car lot commercials shot by Dusty Rhodes way back in the day.

 But if we’re guessing for the true inspiration of these, we’re going with Will Ferrell’s Ashley Schaeffer from Eastbound and Down, a flaxen-haired car salesman who was so inspired by Flair, he even works in some “woos” in this immortal clip: