Richie Incognito In Psych Ward After Hurling Dumbbell at Someone in the Gym

The ex-Buffalo Bills lineman had a full-on meltdown.

Getty Images

Richie Incognito is not okay. Look, he’s never been okay. He’s been in trouble for using racial slurs and was pegged as a general-purpose jackass a long time ago.

Turns out a report from TMZ suggests much of this could come from mental illness. Incognito has been taken to a psychiatric ward for assaulting another guy. It’s not as straightforward as it sounds, either.

According to TMZ Incognito went beyond his past craziness (see the racially-charged video below) at a gym. 

Incognito was working out at a high-end Florida gym when someone called police. When they arrived, the victim reported that Incognito started light, with a tennis ball. Then he apparently decided that didn’t get the message across and threw a dumbbell.

That was bad enough, but here’s what netted Incognito a trip to the psych ward. The victim said the Pro Bowl vet was muttering strange things then said, “Get off my fucking playground.” 

Incognito has reportedly been partying pretty heavy, but this doesn’t sound like mere brain fry from booze overload. 

He’s still on a hold, reports TMZ, and no one knows if he was formally arrested. 

Whatever’s going on, it’s obvious the guy needs serious help.