Rex and Rob Ryan Were Ogling Feet and Getting Handsy With a Bachelorette Party Before Their Bar Fight

“You know what I like.”

Rob and Rex Ryan had a hell of weekend in Nashville. We already knew about their bar fight and the pics they took with a bunch of blondes, but now, thanks to the crack investigative journalists at Busted Coverage, we’re learning that the pic above doesn’t tell the whole story about the interaction between the Ryan boys and these ladies.

Apparently, Rex was gawking at their feet that are just out of the frame. Meanwhile, Rob, as you can see in the photo, was getting awfully handsy with one of the blondes in the photo above. The young lady with Rob’s meaty mitt on his midsection is named Jess and she reached out to BC’s Joe Kinsey to spill the beans on the encounter.

This seems like as good a time as any to revisit Rex’s foot obsession, which you might not know about if you don’t keep up with the sexual preferences of NFL coaches. 

Ryan’s interest in feet first came to light in 2010 when he was with the Jets. Deadspin found a bunch of videos of women, who looked an awful lot like his wife, showing off her feet for a man, always off camera, who sounded an awful lot like Rex.

He never confirmed it was him talking on the video or that it was his wife pictures, but he didn’t deny it either. Nor did he try to hide it. In 2015, when Ryan was with the Bills, this photo showed up on the Facebook page of the North Shore Animal League America, a  rescue shelter in New York. Look closely at the photo on Ryan’s desk. Yes, those are feet.

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