Ronda Rousey and Kat Dennings Started a Knitting Club as an Excuse to Get Drunk

Amanda Nunes must be terrified.

Every month or so we like to check in with former UFC champ Ronda Rousey to see how her training is going and when she might return to the cage. On Monday, we got some disheartening news. Rousey has started a knitting club.

There are few things less intimidating than the thought of a fighter throwing back glasses of wine and stitching a scarf. According to actress Kat Dennings, that just what Rousey is doing. In an appearance on Ellen, the 2 Broke Girls star revealed that she and Rousey have a knitting club with the punny name “Yarn and the Restless.”

Dennings admitted that the club is less about knitting that getting tipsy and bonding. “We just knit a scarf and get drunk. And make friend memories,” she said. 

Though being in a knitting club makes Rousey sound like she’s ready for retirement, don’t take this as a sign that she’s done. She’s reportedly still training and just this week, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes said she wants Rousey. 

“If they ask me who I want to fight, I’m going to say I want to fight Ronda,” Nunes told the Brazilian fight site Combate. “I’m the champion and I can choose who I’m going to fight. I will choose what’s best for me and Ronda would be ‘the’ main fight, that’s why it has to be against her, it has to be with Ronda.”

Nunes isn’t the only UFC fighter obsessing over Rousey. Cris Cyborg has also been relentlessly pestering he longtime rival for a fight.

Last Friday, Dana White said that Rousey wanted that fight but yesterday Cyborg said she’s heard different.  

Stay tuned.