Ronda Rousey Has Been Busy Protesting At Standing Rock and Getting Her Concealed Carry Gun Permit

The former UFC queen is all about protests and pistols this week.

Ronda Rousey has been pretty quiet since her embarrassing loss to Amanda Nunes on December 30, with her only social media post referencing her descent to “rock bottom.”

But now, thanks to other social media posts, we know one way Rousey’s been occupying her time—by visiting protesters at Standing Rock, where a local Sioux tribe is fighting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Olympic judoka Pauline Macias joined Rousey on a recent trip to Standing Rock and posted the picture below with Rousey and a protester with a completely awesome name, Juliana WhiteBull-TakenAlive:

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TMZ is reporting that Rousey’s trip to Standing Rock happened last week and the purpose was to make sure that those fighting the pipeline stay warm and don’t starve. “We’re told Ronda’s group brought fresh fruit, veggies, bread, tents and a wood-burning stoves,” TMZ says.

The protests in Standing Rock have faded from the national conversation since the Obama administration announced in early December plans to find an alternate route for the pipeline. But that’s about to change. On Tuesday, President Trump took executive action ordering construction of the pipeline to go ahead, which advanced calls for more protests at Standing Rock.

After her trip to North Dakota, Rousey appears to have made a detour to Vegas before heading home to L.A. TMZ on this story too and says she was seen taking a conceal carry course at a gun range with her boyfriend Travis Browne.

As Rousey travels the West, people around the rest of the world are continuing to speculate on her future in MMA. Her former training parter and Olympic boxing medalist Tony Jeffries told The Daily Star that he thinks she’s going to retire.

Gina Carano, the original female MMA superstar, wasn’t willing to make as bold a prediction. In a recent conversation with FightHub TV she advised Rousey to “do whatever she wants to do.”

“She’s an amazing athlete but she needs to express herself as an artist, too,” Carano said. “So let her do what she wants to do and just follow along her journey and support her.”

If anyone knows the position Rousey is in right now, it’s Carano, who retired from MMA after losing to Cyborg in 2009. She moved on to a career in acting, which has seen her appear in films such as Deadpool

But if Rousey is thinking the acting world will provide a respite from the demands on the UFC, Carano had this warning for her: “Fight life is hard but so is being on film.”