Watch Ronda Rousey Reveal The Scariest Part of Her Comeback in Powerful New Video

“I will literally cry over spilled milk.”

In about a week, Ronda Rousey is going to be a mess. The former UFC champ is scheduled to make her long-awaited comeback against Amanda Nunes on December 30, but as she says in the above “Warrior Code” video, she’s at her most nervous two weeks before a fight. 

“I call it ‘two-week-itis.’ That’s when I’m the most emotional. My body is the most broken down. I will literally cry over spilled milk on ‘two-week- itis’ time. But by the time I’m actually waking out, I’m tired of being nervous and I’m just not nervous anymore. I just know what I need to do.”

At UFC 207, Rousey is going to need to do a lot to get past Nunes, who knocked Miesha Tate into retirement in July. But the ferocious Brazilian’s punching power isn’t all Rousey will be contending with.

Ever since she became the biggest fighter in the UFC before the Conor McGregor era, Rousey has had to contend with more fame than nearly any MMA fighters in history. Unlike McGregor, who slavishly courts the attention and thrives on it, she’s never comfortable when the spotlight is on.

“I try not to call myself famous or think about it too much, because I’m scared of it,” Rousey says. “I’m really scared to lose my reference on reality. If you are socially unhealthy then you’ll be mentally unhealthy, so I’m trying to remain socially healthy so I don’t lose my reference on what’s real.”

The good news, is that there’s an easy way for Rousey to solve this problem. Lose to Nunes and she won’t be famous anymore at all.