Running Over Your Unsuspecting Buddy in a Golf Cart Is the Hottest Prank in Sports Right Now

Stupid or hilarious? You decide.

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There’s a reason why golf is primarily enjoyed by older guys—it’s a slow game built around strategy, relaxation and, for many of us, getting away from the stress of real life. 

Younger guys sometimes don’t appreciate strategy, don’t know how to relax and have little real-life stress. That’s why when they try to spend four hours playing 18 holes, they inevitably start doing some seriously dumb shit. 

The latest example comes to our attention via For the Win, which reports that legions of easily-amused dudes are breaking through their boredom by running over their buddies with their golf carts.

It apparently started with the reemergence last week of this “Would You Run Over Your Best Friend?” meme, and holy crap this clip IS kind of hilarious.

Next thing you know, bros are running over bros on the golf course like it’s their damn job. 

Here are five clips that prove this is happening right now beyond a doubt. Thoughts?