After MMA Fighter Gets Wrecked in the Cage, His Mom Slaps the Crap Out of Him

Two Ls in one night for this Russian tough guy.

Russian MMA trainer Anna Azovskaya is unique in the fight world. Not so much becuase she’s a woman, but becuase she has three sons who cage fight. And she trains them all. 

And she does it with intensity. As she told the Russian website Fight Nights Global, she had no other choice. Her parents died when she was 17, then her husband was killed at war when their kids were little. “Since then, my children and I moved across Russia about 15 times. Sons began to grow, the conflicts began with the other guys. I began to tell them that we must learn to fight,” she said. 

So she taught them, and now the world is getting a glimpse inside her life thanks to a viral video of her slapping her son Viktor after his most recent loss. 

The 22 year old recently had a bad night in the cage against Ruslan Yamanbaev, who won by TKO in the second round. 

But the reason this footage has gone viral is because of what happened after the fight. With her son lying bloodied on the mat, Azovskaya ran into the ring and started slapping him. 

The boy didn’t take kindly to his mother manhandling him and he bolted from the cage before the ref could declare a winner. 

So what did this nutty mom do? She stood in his place as the ref raised the hand of Yamanbaev, who was wearing a huge, furry hat.

She’s like Lavar Ball, only much meaner.