Watch Insane Footage From a Russian Slapping Contest, the Most Brutal Sport in the World

This is nuts.

Russian Slapping Competition
YouTube/Russian Bears

If you can’t stomach MMA, then perhaps this “Russian slapping contest” isn’t for you. 

Video of a bizarre event in which two men stand face to face and hit each other as hard as humanly possible can has gone viral. And it’s easy to understand why.

The strange events have become increasingly popular throughout Moscow.  The footage above was taken in April at the Sarychev Power Expo, according to the Sun. 

A man named Yuriy Kuzmin was finally declared the “King of Slappers” after a grueling three-hour battle. Along with that venerable title, he was awarded a $370 prize. 

Here’s more on the contest:

Sarychev Power Expo aims to promote power sports, patriotism and the strongest men in Russia. The weird event was organized by bench press world record holder Kirill Sarychev. 

The cringe-worthy footage has racked up more than half a million views since surfacing online, and many have questioned what the whole point of the competition is. 

Others suggested the men go and have their heads examined – literally – for fears of brain damage.

There’s no denying these guys are tough, but, frankly, we can definitely think of far better ways to display patriotism.

h/t: Unilad