Watch Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Perform Sizzling Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show

Their hips don’t lie.

Getty Images

The genius of the Super Bowl as a production is there isn’t a single element that is unimportant. The game matters. The commercials have to be as much entertainment as advertising and the halftime show has to pack all the excitement of a stadium concert into a mere 14 minutes or so.

In Super Bowl LIV, Shakira teamed with Jennifer Lopez for a halftime show that met that measure of excellence. Watch the entire performance in the video above.

For both performers, it was essentially a career montage as well as an homage to the game’s Miami location. Shakira, a native of Colombia, touched on her chart-topping hits in an exciting introduction to J. Lo’s section, which dominated with seriously sensual moves and strong Latin beats—at one point Shakira even took over the drum set to play for J. Lo.

Super Bowl halftime shows run the gamut from Prince’s legendary 2007 concert, which showcased a genius at the top of his game, to the 2011 Black Eyed Peas performance, which…well, it wasn’t great. 

For sheer hotness alone, J. Lo and Shakira definitely set a standard the 2021 halftime show act will be hard-pressed to meet.