Shaq May Be Chickening Out of His WrestleMania 33 Match with The Big Show

The Diesel said the match might not happen, but insists he’s not to blame.

Last summer, the WWE began laying the groundwork for the biggest (literally) match of Wrestlemania 33 when The Big Show asked Shaquille O’Neal if he wanted to square off in a battle of pituitary cases. They hatched an agreement right there at the ESPYs and from that moment on, it appeared as if these two aging giants would toss each other around the squared circle until one of them got winded and died in the ring. 

Now, it’s not so certain. On his podcast this week, Shaq said the match is very much in question

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“It has nothing to do with the Diesel and his management. That’s what I got to say, but, it’s not totally off yet but it’s not looking good. But it doesn’t matter, I’m still working out and I still look better than Big Show. I’ll still meet him wherever he wants to meet me. These next thirty days, I’m about to go hard. I’m still doing it like it’s going down.”

This isn’t the first hint that the match might not go down as planned. Last week, The Big Show said Shaq is trying to “back out” and accused him of not taking the match seriously.

“I see Shaq riding around, singing karaoke and stopping in at Krispy Kreme. I’m like, ‘Hey! If you’re not gonna take it serious, find something else to do!’ I’ve given 22 years of my blood, sweat and tears to this business and I’m doing this favor to Shaq. This could be my last WrestleMania. He needs to step up. I’m not trying to be mean, but my time’s valuable. I get it. I don’t have foot powder commercials, car commercials, insurance commercials. I get it. He’s a busy man. But if he’s gonna step in the ring, in my business, at our biggest event of the year? Show me you’re serious.”

Honestly, it’s not hard to see why Shaq might be spooked. The Big Show is great shape and has “transformed his body,” according to John Cena. The big man’s Instagram tells the same story. 

@Shaq! Karaoke? Doughnuts? You better get serious. All roads lead to #WrestleMania. The only giant!

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Meanwhile, Shaq’s busy eating donuts. 

Smooth. No, I'm not talking about myself… I'm talking about @krispykreme's #NewCoffee

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