See Steph Curry Sink 105 Three-Pointers in a Row in Mesmerizing Viral Video

Nothing but net.

Steph Curry
Steph Curry (Photo: Getty Images)

Steph Curry may be at 9-35 from the three-point arc after the Golden State Warriors’ recent 129-128 win over the Chicago Bulls, but a viral video from the franchise’s official Twitter account proves that the star NBA guard still has his “Golden” touch. 

The clip shows Curry sinking 103 consecutive three-pointers out of an alleged total of 105, according to Inside Hook. The baller feat was achieved just a day before the aforementioned Warriors-Bulls game at a team shootout in Chicago. It’s also the longest three-point streak in Curry’s career, besting his previous record of 77. 

Head coach Steve Kerr called the feat “insane,” while teammate Draymond Green was impressed but perhaps a bit more reserved in his response.

 “As great as that is, I can’t sit here and act like, ‘Oh, I’m surprised.’ It’s just not really surprising to me,” Greene said. “It’s such an incredible thing, but I’m sorry, Steph, it doesn’t really get me up out of my seat that he hit 105 in a row.”

Curry is back on the court after playing just five games last season due to a broken left hand. While it would be reasonable to attribute his lackluster 2020-21 season start to rust, Curry told ESPN that it’s more of a “mindset thing.”

“You can talk about how many games I played in a calendar year, but I feel like I can shake that off pretty quickly,” he said. “That’s just a mindset thing, so that’s why in the fourth quarter it turned around and hopefully that carries momentum into the next game. The last thing you can do is just stop shooting no matter how frustrated you get.”

We’ll find out if that momentum does indeed carry when the Warriors take on the Detroit Pistons on December 29.