Steve Aoki May Have Have Thrown ‘Worst MLB First Pitch’ Yet After Wild Video Goes Viral

Watch video clips of what’s being called “the worst first pitch in baseball history.”

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Superstar deejay Steve Aoki has mastered the art of mixing and producing EDM tracks, but he has a long way to go when it comes to throwing a decent first pitch at a baseball game.

On Monday in Boston, Aoki shocked fans at the Red Sox/Houston Astros game when he threw what might have been the worst first pitch since 50 Cent’s infamously wild throw at New York’s Citi Field in 2014.

Here are a few videos of Aoki’s “all-time bad” pitch, in case you missed it:

Sports Illustrated notes, “Aoki’s wild pitch sailed over the catcher’s head and into the netting behind home plate. Not fazed one bit by the artist’s presence, the normally-unforgiving Boston crowd made sure to let Aoki hear it after airmailing the ceremonial pitch.”

Thankfully, the 44-year-old Aoki is one of the richest EDM deejays on the planet and is renowned for his high-energy, cake-hurling shows, so his utter lack of pitching prowess is unlikely to affect his continued success.

Naturally, someone has already tweeted photos of the lefty’s laughably unorthodox form and dubbed it “the steve aoki remix.”

But Aoki seems to be taking internet ridicule of his pitch in stride.

Responding to a Barstool Sports tweet calling it “the worst pitch of all-time,” Aoki responded, “I’m gonna stick to throwing cakes.”