Watch Stephanie McMahon Body Slam Ronda Rousey Through a Table Days Before Wrestlemania

She also murdered Rousey on the mic.

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The WWE’s build toward Ronda Rousey‘s in-ring debut at Wrestlemania continued Monday night with another splashy body slam. 

Last week it was Rousey forcing  Triple H through a table at WWE Elimination Chamber. 

This week Stephanie McMahon returned the favor. 

After a cornball segment in which Rousey, McMahon, Triple H and Kurt Angle pretended to hate each other, the four of them began to pose for photos. The relative calm soon gave way to chaos as Triple H clubbed Angle with a microphone. He fell out of the ring as if a wrecking ball had hit him. 

Rousey then grabbed Triple H by the throat and McMahon intervened. Rousey went up and then down again. 

As fun as the slam was, McMahon may have done more damage with her mouth. In the back-and-forth before the fisticuffs, she told Rousye: “You are going to lose at Wrestlemania, in the record books, your very first match in WWE is going to be a loss to me, and we all know the world knows how you handle loses.”

Damn. Ouch. Burn. McMahon is, of course, referencing the deep holes Rousey dug into after her loses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes in the UFC.

Rousey took off more than a year and dealt with suicidal thoughts after Holm rocked her with a kick to the head. By December of 2016, when Rousey finally got back in the cage, she clearly wasn’t ready. Forty-eight seconds after the opening bell, Nunes had turned her head into a speed bag. 

Rousey was done, both in the fight and in her MMA career. 

Don’t expect her to react quite so dramatically if she and Angle, who are taking on McMahon and Triple H in a mixed tag-team match, are on the losing end at Wrestlemania. Maybe you’ve heard, by in the WWE the outcome doesn’t come as surprise to those in the ring.