Get Ready For the Super Bowl With Bad Lip Reading’s Absolutely Hysterical Take on NFL 2018

“I’m flexing! I’m flexing! I’m flexing! I’m flexing! I’m flexing!”

Tom Brady
Bad Lip Reading

Every year Bad Lip Reading gathers clips from the NFL and absolutely shreds every player, ref, and coach caught clowning or raging on camera all season. 

This year they had a lot to work with. This is one of the funniest Bad Lip Readings I’ve ever seen. 

From riffs on player comments made directly into the camera like a sketch from Key & Peele to footage of Tom Brady “flexing” through a tantrum, this will have you in tears. 

As is always the case with Bad Lip Reading the lines are total nonsense—but that’s kind of the point. 

Bill Belichick, HUGGING.
Belichick hugs?

A game that’s played on a field referred to as “the gridiron” can be extremely serious. It’s huge men crashing into each other for hours. 

Finding the comedy in all that craziness is a great way to head into Super Bowl Sunday excited for the final clash of the season.