Super Bowl LV: The Best Prop Bets

From the color of the winning coach’s Gatorade bath to first song of The Weeknd’s halftime set, here’s how to bet on the best prop Super Bowl bets.

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Super Bowl Sunday is just over a week away. Every single media outlet, Twitter handle and football fanatic is putting out their picks on the game (and we will too next week) but for now, let’s wait to worry about Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. Instead, we’re taking a look at four of the many fun props on the board:

How Long Will the National Anthem Last?

Over/Under: 2 Minutes, 0 Seconds

Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church are going to get the party started on Super Bowl Sunday with the singing of the National Anthem. Sullivan is more in the R&B realm, while Church is a country guy, which could make for an interesting dynamic.

Each of the previous three Super Bowls have seen the singers last 1:53 or less. But at the three Super Bowls before those, the performance lasted 2:04 or longer. This one is a bit of a tossup, as the duet dynamic adds an extra layer of complexity. 

The Weeknd’s First Song During Halftime Show?

  • “Blinding Lights” +180
  • “Save Your Tears” +200
  • “Pray For Me” +250
  • “Starboy” +300
  • “Can’t Feel My Face” +300
  • “I Feel it Coming” +900
  • “The Hills” +1000
  • “Hawai” +1000
  • “In Your Eyes” +1200
  • “Love Me Harder” +1600
  • “Earned It” +1600
  • “Lost in the Fire” +2000

The main performer during the ever-popular Super Bowl halftime show will be The Weeknd, who is among the world’s top-selling artists. He has won three Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards and nine Billboard Music Awards. The question is:  What song is he going to open up with on Super Bowl Sunday?

“Blinding Lights” is favored, as that’s one of his biggest hits, having soared to No. 1 in almost every major country. However, “Starboy” had a similar chart-topping performance upon debut, so that’s also a strong possibility.

When betting this prop, you also have to consider the mood. Is he going to bring high energy right out of the gate, or slowly build his set to a peak? Feel free to check out his other live performances to inform your pick.

Will The Weeknd Be Wearing Sunglasses?

The Weeknd’s attire has inspired a bevy of props, including whether he’ll be wearing gloves, what color his jacket might be, and if his head will be covered in bloodied bandages (one of his recent signature looks).

Perhaps the easiest prop to handicap is whether he’ll be sporting  sunglasses to kick off the show. You can bet that prop at -140.

What Color Liquid Will Be Dumped on the Winning Head Coach?

  • Orange +100
  • Red/Pink +300
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +450
  • Clear +600
  • Blue +700
  • Purple +750

In many spots, this is referred to as the “Gatorade Bath” prop. But we don’t know for sure that this brand of sports drink will be used to douse the winning head coach, so we’re only concerned with the liquid’s color. 

Orange is favored at +100. If you think something like Red/Pink is the best bet, that’s the second option on the board at +300. Of course, the two teams playing on Super Bowl Sunday have red in their team colors, so that makes sense.