Sylvester Stallone Just Shared Some Never-Before-Seen ‘Rocky’ Photos, And They’re Amazing

But does anyone really believe Rocky could have beaten Thunderlips?

A quick glance at Sylvester Stallone’s IMDB page shows that the 70-year-old is keeping busy in his old age. 

But the iconic action star has always got time for his fans, which he proved once agin this week by sharing some never-before-seen Rocky pictures on Instagram.

As great as some of these pics are, the stories that come with them are often better. Take the shot below, from the Rocky III montage that shows Balboa wrecking a bunch of schmucks. As Stallone tells it in the caption, this pic shows him decking a well-paid professional boxer whose job on set this day was to get his brain rocked.

This behind the scenes shot is from Rocky II, showing the moment just after Balboa beats Apollo Creed in the re-match of their first fight.

Stallone’s best story from this pic dump comes with a shot of him high above the head Hulk Hogan, who played Thunderlips in Rocky III. In the caption below, Stallone recalls the terror he felt after the Hulkster fell on his collarbone.

“I was sure there was bone protruding through my upper chest ! Of course there wasn’t but I have never felt such a mind numbing pain from a massive hit before or since that day!”