Terry Francona Just Can't Stop Flipping Off the Camera

The Cleveland Indians manager claims it's a "nervous habit."
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The Cleveland Indians took a commanding 3-0 lead in the ALCS Monday night with a 4-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. It was a game that, one day later, has people talking about fingers. 

The first finger belong to Indians right hander Tervor Bauer. The 25-year-old started for the Tribe in Toronto but only laster four batters after he sprung a leak in his pinkie, which was mangled in a drone accident last week

The other finger belongs to Indians skipper Terry Francona and it's on the middle of his right hand. Watch it rise up to his cheek and send a not-so-subtle message to the TBS cameras in the first inning.

Francona said he wasn't telling anyone to go fuck themselves with the gesture. "God, I was so embarrassed when I heard that or when somebody asked me that after the game," Francona said on Mike & Mike Tuesday morning. "I think I have a nervous habit of kind of picking my face a little bit."

"I would never do that [intentionally], my goodness, I mean maybe in the clubhouse, but not out there.”

Francona is, to put it gently, completely full of shit. We know this because he's flipped off the camera before. Here he is flashing the bird earlier this month.

And again, in August.

Both of the above came during games against the Red Sox, who Francona used to manage. And both came as the NESN announcers recounted stories of Francona's time in Boston. These middle fingers were no accident. They were a message to his buddies in the press box.

We're on to you Francona.  

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