The Best Green Bay Packers Next Quarterback Odds From MaximBet

If Rodgers retires or asks for a trade, the Packers have several viable options including Jordan Love, Jimmy Garoppolo and Russell Wilson.

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For a guy who never got anywhere near the field in Super Bowl LVI, Aaron Rodgers sure has found a way to dominate the early postseason news cycle. 

Last week, rumors of his retirement swirled thanks to a “cryptic” Instagram post that seemed to work simultaneously as a farewell address. Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show afterward, Rodgers said he hadn’t decided yet to retire and blamed his outpouring of affection on IG on coming off his 12-day Panchakarma cleanse, which apparently involves “therapeutic” vomiting, snorting some stuff that isn’t drugs, and blasting your asshole with an herbal oil enema for three consecutive days

Yes. That’s a thing you know now. Rodgers felt so great after getting his brown eye hosed out, he had to share the love with everybody he knew. 

But, hey, we’re not here to talk about what Aaron Rodgers likes to do in the offseason. Nope. We’re here to discuss what the Packers’ options are if Rodgers does decide to call it quits instead of coming back to Green Bay or asking for a trade. 

Of course, we can also make some money in the process thanks to the oddsmakers at MaximBet.

Who Will Start For The Green Bay Packers In 2022 If Aaron Rodgers Retires?

Jordan Love +200
Jimmy Garoppolo +500
Russell Wilson +600
Any Rookie Quarterback +800
Ryan Tannehill +800
Marcus Mariota +900
Kirk Cousins +1000
Carson Wentz +1000
Ryan Fitzpatrick +1000
Jameis Winston +1200
Gardner Minshew +1600
Cam Newton +2000
Derek Carr +2000
Tom Brady +2500

There are some interesting options there with Jordan Love (+200) being the obvious choice. Obvious, because starting for a retired (or removed) Rodgers is exactly why the team drafted him out of Utah State in 2020 in the first place. 

What makes it problematic is that when Love has gotten on the field for Green Bay, he’s played like ass. Without a doubt, his play wasn’t nearly as clean as Rodgers’ ass is today. 

Love saw serious action in a game and a half last year, completed just 58.1 percent of his passes for 411 total yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. He lost his first and only start.

The San Francisco 49ers still hold the rights to Jimmy Garoppolo (+500) for another season. And while they’re looking to trade him, my guess is they’re aiming for an AFC team (and should find plenty of takers on that side of the divide).

Russell Wilson (+600)? Again, I’m not convinced he’s played his last down in Seattle. If he does get traded, he too should be headed over to the AFC side of the bracket to a team with significantly better draft capital to offer than Green Bay.

If I’m Matt LaFleur and Pack GM Brian Gutekunst, I’m probably kicking the tires on Matt Corral in the draft pretty seriously, so “Any Rookie QB” at +800 is a viable option.

But, looking at this list, if I’m the Packers and want to give Love a legit shot while still protecting myself if he plays poorly, Marcus Mariota (+900) is probably the guy. He’s a free agent, costs nothing but his contract, has proven he can win in the NFL and played for LaFleur before when he was the offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans in 2018.

There’s no telling what Rodgers will do next, but there are some viable options to replace him if he decides to call it quits and hang with the Hollywood elite.

Adam Greene is @TheFirstMan on Twitter.

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