The Best Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets From MaximBet

Maximize your Super Bowl bets with the best payday props from MaximBet.

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford
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With just the Super Bowl left on the NFL schedule, it’s time to expand our betting repertoire.

Why just bet on the winner of the game, the final point spread and totals when you can win money based on what color nail polish Mickey Guyton will wear as she sings the National Anthem or the type of Gatorade to be poured over the winning coach’s head (orange is always a safe choice)?

Sure, we’re going to pick everything about the actual game between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, but we need to go inside the contest. And while I might be tempted to drop some cash on the over-under on “accidental” nipple flashes, I’m actually trying to harness chaos here. I want to monetize the Any Given Sunday nature of the game and find the cheat codes that buy me a post Super Bowl trip to the Bahamas.

So let’s feast our eyes on the prop bets offered by MaximBet and use it to maybe score a little extra leg room on that flight to Nassau.

First Touchdown Scorer

You’ve got some solid choices here and some outliers that could pay off huge. Cooper Kupp (+450) is the favorite because, well, he did everything in the regular season and continued on that tear in the postseason.

If you think the Rams are going to score first, he’s a good selection, but let me give you two more. Tyler Higbee (+1100) has been one of Matthew Stafford’s favorite red zone targets this season. He had five touchdown catches in the regular season, but has yet to notch one in the playoffs.

With all the attention the Bengals will pay to Kupp early, Higbee could deliver a solid pay out in the red zone here. Van Jefferson (+1300) took the field this season and instantly became the team’s deep threat. Like Higbee’s red zone targets, teams have taken that away more in the postseason, but all that’s done is let Kupp run all over them.

We’re talking first touchdown here, not fourth quarter Kupp time. Jefferson could haul in a bomb and make you some real cash. If you think the Bengals get into the paint first, Joe Mixon (+700) is your bet. Cincinnati will have to run the ball to win this game and Mixon, as a runner and a receiver, could hit paydirt early for you and his team.

Bet Kupp at +450 and/or Mixon at +700 and/or Higbee at +1100.

Matt Stafford Total Pass Yards

Stafford is averaging 300 yards a game in the postseason, so the fact that you’re getting (+100) on the over 285.5 might be legally stealing money. So, jump on that before they figure out what they’ve done.

Bet Stafford over 285.5 passing yards at +100.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

You’re playing the same game here as your first TD scorer, only you’ve got four quarters to work with. If the Rams are going to win, Kupp (-175) has to score. If the Bengals are going to win, Mixon (+115) has to score. So those are two easy bets right there. But who becomes the wild card that could really make you some money?

Take a look at Rams tight end Kendall Blanton (+260) and Bengals running back Samaje Perine (+350). Blanton, stepping in for an injured Higbee, has been tremendous in the postseason. Blanton had all of four receptions in the regular season. He has seven in the playoffs and a touchdown. For Cincy, Perine has become a real weapon in the pass game, catching four passes for 41 yards and a touchdown in the postseason.

Bet on Kupp at -175 and Mixon at +115 and add on Blanton at +260 and/or Perine at +350.

Last Touchdown Scorer

This is a tough one, because it probably all comes down to the kind of game we’re getting Sunday. If it’s down to the wire, then Kupp (+500) is probably as good a bet as you could make if you like the Rams.

Bengals? We’re back to Mixon (+600) plunging in from short yardage to take a late lead. But if you want to really take your shot, look at Matthew Stafford (+4900). Sean McVay has used more QB sneaks in this playoff run than he did all season.

Plus, Stafford has been more willing to run with the ball on passing downs. On the flip side, Joe Burrow (+2400) is going to have to make plays with his arm and his feet if the Bengals are going to win.

Bet on Kupp at +500 and/or Mixon at +600. Add Stafford at +4900 and/or Burrow at +2400.

Adam Greene is @TheFirstMan on Twitter.

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