The Dallas Cowboys Are Once Again The NFL’s Most Valuable Franchise with $6.5 BILLION Value

That’s $1.5 billion higher than any other team in the league.

For the 15th year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL, with a staggering value of $6.5 billion–which is $1.5 billion richer than any other team in the league. 

USA Today points out that team owner Jerry Jones has masterminded the surging value of “America’s Team,” which came out on top once again in Forbes’ annual value rankings of all NFL franchises


Even more impressive, when Forbes released their list of most valuable sports franchises back in May, the value of the Cowboys organization sat at just $5.7 million.

USA Today reveals how the Cowboys have managed to thrive even during the pandemic:

After a year in a pandemic where the salary cap dropped due to the financial losses, the Cowboys were one of two teams to have operating revenue of over $100 million and Dallas was the only one to make over $200 million in operating revenue. 

Since AT&T Stadium welcomed fans during the pandemic, the potential loss was limited in Dallas. The Cowboys averaged 29,187 fans at home games in 2020, under a third of their average in 2019. Over the last year, the Cowboys moved to $6.5 billion in value, $1.5 billion higher than any other NFL franchise.

The NFL franchise average gain over the last year was 14% and the trends are soon to continue up. With professional leagues now interwoven into the gambling world and the new media rights deal being worth $111.8 billion, team values will be rocketing up in the coming years.

Jones and Dallas could be taking these deals and looking towards an even bigger number in 2021 if $6.5 billion wasn’t enough.

Got it? Good. Meanwhile, check out the new trailer above for Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys, a five-episode reality series that debuts on HBO and HBO Max on August 11.