The Rock Has Finally Revealed Why He Flopped Around Like a Fish After Stone Cold’s Stunners

It was all about beer.

Everyone lucky enough to have been a wrestling fan during the Attitude Era will remember the high-stakes show downs between the two biggest WWE stars of the time—Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock

The Rock may be the bigger name these days, but at the time, Stone Cold ruled the WWE. That means that The Rock often found himself on the business end of the Texas Rattlesnake’s most famous move, the Stone Cold Stunner.

And when The Rock was stunned, everyone knew it, because he would bounce around the mat like he’d just been hit by lightening. In wrestling, this is called “selling” a move and The Rock sold it better than any other pro wrestler on the planet.

The topic of The Rock’s absurdly good sell jobs recently came up on the podcast of the brilliant comic Hannibal Buress.

And then, through the wonders of social media, The Rock himself commented on it, revealing a behind-the-scenes detail that makes his over-the-top sell jobs even better. He did it all for beer! 

Could there be any better reason?