This Giant-Sized Photo Book Spotlights Classic NBA Dunks

Measuring 14″ x 19″ and weighing over 9 pounds, POSTERIZED will be the biggest basketball photo book–and the first featuring only dunks–ever published.


In this era of sports NFTs and the revival of physical sports trading cards, a boutique publishing company has announced that it’s curating an exclusive hardbound photo book of classic “poster dunks” for the collector’s market. 

Measuring a staggering 14″ x 19″ and weighing over 9 pounds, POSTERIZED will be the largest basketball photography book and the first book exclusively of dunk photos ever published. Legendary slams from all eras of basketball history truly come to life in this oversize format, including moments never before seen in print.

The term “posterize” was coined over 50 years ago and means:  to dunk on one or more players defending at full force. Now, having earned the express consent of the NBA, access to historic image archives, and the participation of several legendary sports photographers like Andy Bernstein and Nat Butler, the crowdfund and first edition pre-order are available, only on Kickstarter.

The book will feature stories, interviews and anecdotes from NBA legends, sports historians, photographers, and fans, bolstering the astonishing collection of images.

Featured dunkers include Abdul-Jabbar, Antetokounmpo, Anthony, Barkley, Brewer, Bryant, Carter, Chambers, Cousins, Dawkins, DeRozan, Davis, Durant, Embiid, Erving, Garnett, Gibson, Griffin, Howard, Iverson, James, Jordan, Marion, McGrady, Miller, Ming, Nance Sr, Nance Jr, Olajuwon, O’Neal, Pippen, Smith, Starks, Stoudemire, Richardson, Rose, Wade, Wallace, Wilkins, Worthy, and more.

Old-school NBA dunk aficionados can preorder the first edition of the POSTERIZED book for $275 at Kickstarter now.