People Are Body-Shaming Tom Brady After Shirtless Photos of His ‘Dad Bod’ Emerge Online

The Patriots QB is being roasted for not looking buff on the beach with Gisele…

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Tom Brady was recently photographed on a beach in Costa Rica kissing his bikini-clad supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen.

That he was living out a dream scenario unattainable to nearly every other man on the planet was not what grabbed attention. It was that he deigned to hit the beach without rippling abs, sparking an outpouring of “body-shaming” on Twitter.

Users accused the 40-year-old New England Patriots quarterback of looking a bit soft. Some even suggested he had “dad bod.”

“I’m old and out of shape and somehow look just as good as Tom Brady,” wrote one user.

Brady caught a lot of flack because he had just released a nutrition book in September, called The TB12 Method, which is now notorious for its rigidity. (Case in point: the guy considers eating a strawberry a treat.)

“Tom Brady lying about his diet,” wrote another, “his body is TRASH still.”

Others, mostly Patriots fans, have defended the QB, saying he’s still cleaning up on the field, even when up against more cut players.

“If you think that’s not up to par for the nfl body, shouldn’t you be embarrassed he dismantles your team every week,” another wrote.

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h/t Men’s Health