Tom Brady Crushed Stephen Colbert in a Chug Off, And There’s Already a ‘Fake Beer’ Conspiracy Theory

Did the Pats quarterback cheat yet again?

Stephen Colbert welcomed Tom Brady and his turtleneck to The Late Show Monday night, allowing the Patriots quarterback to pitch his new book about his weird diet.

But Brady was also there, it seemed, to push back about against the idea that he is a dull robot with less personality than a goalpost. And how did he do that? By getting wild and eating a strawberry.

Then he chugged a beer. Just look at this regular guy in action.

Now this is Tom Brady, so naturally there are some conspiracy theories cropping up about this supposed beer chugging competition. As some eagle-eyed viewers have noted, Colbert switches the glasses after bringing them up from behind his desk, indicating that they weren’t holding the same liquid.

If Brady, who has a strict diet and a willingness to tweak the rules, pulled a fast one with Colbert’s help, it would hardly be a surprise. But despite appearances, it seems that he did in fact drink beer. At least that’s what one of Colbert’s producers said on Twitter and he would know. 

Assuming it was beer, Brady has just given Pats fans reason to worry. The 40-year-old is still going strong, but if there’s any hint of a drop off next season, everyone will blame the beer.

In truth, chugging a beer on late night TV probably is a bad sign for Pats fans, but because of what it might do to Brady’s guts. After 18 years in the league, Brady looks to be trying to show more of his limited personality, perhaps in preparation for his second act.

There have been other indications of this shift too, including Tom vs. Time, his docu-series that ended this week.

Brady has always been private and letting cameras into his home was a big deal that’s exposed his family in ways they never had been. It was also a sign that he’s preparing for whatever comes next. As was his final quote of the show: