Tom Brady Kissing His 11-Year-Old Son Has Started a Raging Debate About Parental Affection

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Tom Brady Kisses Son Promo
Still: "Tom vs. Time"

Parents should obviously show their children affection, but did Tom Brady take it too far with his 11-year-old son? 

In the third installment of his Facebook documentary series Tom vs. Time, a scene shows the legendary New England Patriots quarterback getting a massage. His son, Jack Brady, enters the room and asks to check on his fantasy football team. 

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“What do I get? Brady replies. 

His son leans over and gives his father a quick kiss on the lips. But as he’s exiting the room, Brady says, “That was like a peck.”

Jack comes back and kisses him again for what some might say is an uncomfortable amount of time. Watch the moment above beginning at 9:55.  

Responses from both sides have been predictably extreme. Some are going so far as to call the Pats star a psychopath, while others are telling critics to “get their mind out of the gutter.”

One Twitter user compared Tom and Jack Brady’s particularly intimate moment to the many smooches Angelina Jolie has shared with her brother, Jack Haven. 

Photo: Getty Images

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the hot Argentinian model who straight-up tongued her son’s mouth.

At least Brady didn’t do that.  

h/t: CBS New York