Tom Brady Triumphs In Return to New England With Bucs, Shares Awkward Hug With Bill Belichick

The Tampa Bay QB got a shout-out from Drew Brees after breaking the all-time passing record.

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Bill Belichick is probably not a hugger. But Tom Brady played under Belichick for a long time, so even though his triumphant return to Foxborough Sunday ended in a loss for the New England Patriots to Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 19-17, the coach and QB decided to hug it out.

To anyone trying to imagine Belichick hugging Tom Brady, that looks about right. A semi-lunge and grab, then the Patriots’ head coach was out of there. That was Bill Belichick’s version of a bear hug.

If Brady thought the warmth was lacking, he had only to look to former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for a friendly shout-out. Brady broke the NFL all-time passing yards record during the game against the Pats, clocking 80,560 to Brees’s 80,358. Brees, who retired at the end of last season, commemorated the moment with an Instagram post.

Brees’s caption read:

Congratulations @tombrady on breaking the NFL All-Time Yardage Record! We have had some epic battles over the years, but more importantly, have been able to develop a great friendship along the way. Some may be surprised what you are doing at age 44, but I am not.

Your commitment and dedication to this game, your team, and to being the very best, are second to none. Very few realize the stress, sacrifice and struggle it takes to play the QB position for so many years. You continue to put greatness on display and bring out the best in those around you. Enjoy the moment as you have earned it!

All-in-all, it was a very good weekend for Tom Brady.

Plus, he’s still married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, so that’s yet another win for Touchdown Tom.