Tom Brady’s Return Blows Up Super Bowl and MVP Odds at MaximBet

Brady’s Bucs join the Rams, Chiefs and Cowboys as frontrunners to win the next Super Bowl, according to MaximBet.

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If there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that this is somehow all my fault. I was too happy to see Tom Brady ride off into the sunset after 22 NFL seasons, his fists full of Super Bowl rings. 

Two decades plus of domination was enough. Frankly, Brady’s continued optimal performance as an NFL quarterback would have been boring if it didn’t piss me off so bad. 

So, I was excited to see him go. Even more pumped that my favorite team, the Los Angles Rams, had been the last franchise to hang an “L’ on the G.O.A.T. It was small consolation since two of his seven rings should have belonged to the Rams, but it was something. 

I looked at the NFC landscape and with both Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo heading out of the conference, only Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers really stood in the way of a Rams repeat. That whole “Run it Back” thing we’ve been shouting since Aaron Donald helicoptered Joe Burrow to the ground in Super Bowl LVI…I made the mistake of talking about it. Trying to manifest it. 

Somewhere, in the bowels of Tampa Bay, Tom Brady felt my words in the world. By speaking a Rams repeat into existence, I awakened the beast with seven rings…and Hell followed with him.

It really should be no secret as to why Tom Brady is coming back for his 23rd season. After “retiring” to spend more time with his family, Brady spent that time with them and said, “fuck that.” 

Having sat through a youth soccer game myself, I too would prefer being sacked by Von Miller. So, I get it.

But, if Brady is going to make us all sit through another year of his G.O.A.T. bullshit, we might as well make some money off it. And thanks to the updated NFL betting odds at MaximBet, we can.

Super Bowl LVII Odds

Brady’s return brought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers up from being a non factor  (+2800) to third on the Super Bowl odds board at +800, jumping over both the Kansas City Chiefs (+900) and the defending champion Rams (+1200). 

The NFC was a three-team race while Brady was watching his kid play a clanky version of “Fur Elise” at a piano recital a week ago. Now, with him snapping back on his athletic cup, it’s a four-team sprint. And, honestly, one of those teams is the Dallas Cowboys (+1600) so it barely counts. 

I still like the Rams to repeat, especially if they re-sign Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. Sean McVay and the Rams are 3-0 against the Brady Bucs over the last two seasons. 

But here’s a fun fact that’s not so fun for me. Field Yates pointed out on Twitter that Brady, in his last nine seasons, has won the Super Bowl every other year since 2013. That means he’s due. I hate that a lot. 

In the NFC South, the Bucs are now easily the favorites at -215 and I can’t see even the addition of Deshaun Watson to the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons or Carolina Panthers changing that. 

A Final MVP Curtain Call

There’s an argument that Brady should have won the MVP award this past season. He led the league in completions, attempts, yards and touchdowns while compiling a 13-4 record and an NFC South championship. Plus, he did it all without taking one single dose of cow de-wormer (looking at you A-Rod). That should count for something.

With his spurs back on, Brady is currently fourth in MaximBet’s NFL MVP odds at +1000, right below favorite Josh Allen (+700), Patrick Mahomes (+800) and Aaron Rodgers (+900). 

If Brady puts up those same kinds of numbers (and why wouldn’t he…he does not live by the same mortal rules as the rest of us), then he’ll claim it for sure. If anything, the MVP voters will try to toss him one more trophy as he walks out the door to retire again. 

That is until one of his kids decides to take up competitive cornhole and then it’s back to football. 

Adam Greene is @TheFirstMan on Twitter.

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