The Mystery of Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jersey Has Finally Been Solved By The FBI

You won’t believe how it ended up being smuggled South of the Border…


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After nearly two months of investigation, the FBI, Houston Police Department and Mexican law enforcement authorities have  solved one of the biggest mysteries in the world of sports memorabilia: Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey has been found. 

The jersey, which went missing right after last month’s game in Houston and has been valued at a half million dollars, was found in Mexico. Who had it? That’s where this story gets fun.

A statement from the Patriots says the jersey was in the possession of a “credentialed member of the international media.” But Fox Sports NFL reporter Jay Glazer says the person was “posing” as a member of the media. 

On today’s episode of Undisputed, Glazer relayed more information on how the Hollywood-worthy investigation played out. After going through tons of video, law “zeroed in on a person of interest,” Glazer said. 

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Touchdown Tom has gotta be psyched. 

“That person of interest, from what I’m told, is an international member of the media. I don’t believe he is actually a member of the media, but he was posting as a member of the international media.”

Glazer went on to explain that the thief was caught on video “going into the locker room right behind Bill Belichick, as if he was with the team.” He was later seen walking out of the locker room with “something under his arm.”

This sticky fingered conman wasn’t just in possession of Brady’s jersey from the Pats comeback win against the Falcons either. He also had Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl XLIX, which saw the Pats knock off the Seahawks. 

And, as Glazer noted on Undisputed, the dude may have also stolen Von Miller’s clear from Super Bowl 50. 


Adam K. Raymond