Watch a Psychic Tony Romo Call the Saints’ Touchdown-Scoring Play Seconds Before It Happens

This is just uncanny.

Image: Twitter/@NFL

Tony Romo’s last two seasons in the NFL were riddled with injuries and misfortune, but the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has used his high-level understanding of the game to predict plays to a T as an NFL commentator. 

During last night’s New England Patriots-New Orleans Saints broadcast, Romo was able to call the exact fade route Saints receiver Brandon Coleman would run moments before Drew Brees hit him for a touchdown-scoring pass based entirely on the pre-snap formation. Watch him work his magic above. 

During his broadcasting debut last week, he spent much of the Raiders-Titans game doing the same. He frequently and accurately predicted what each team was going to do seconds before it happened.

“We’ve got a free safety blitz off the edge.”

“I got five dollars this a run to the left.”

Photo: Getty Images

Football fans are eating it up. Many have compared Romo favorably to former No. 1 NFL commentator Phil Simms.

As long as he doesn’t somehow injure his voice, we’re betting on hearing Romo read real-time reports from his crystal ball for many seasons to come. 

h/t: Bro Bible