Ronda Rousey’s Boyfriend Travis Browne Wants to Fight MMA Fighter Who Mocked Her For Loss

Michael “Venom” Page invented a Rousey dance, and Browne wants to break his face.

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After Amanda Nunes’ 48-second decimation of Ronda Rousey on Friday night, there were no shortage of haters gleefully celebrating the one-time champ’s defeat. But none got as much attention as Michael “Venom” Page, the Bellator fighter who tried to create a dance craze out of Rousey’s embarrassing loss. 

Here’s the Instagram video he posted, which was inspired by Rousey stumbling around the cage as Nunes repeatedly tagged her.

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It’s kind of funny, but Page doesn’t really have enough cache to snark on Rousey like this. Sure, he nearly made a man’s head explode and followed it with one of the most memorable MMA celebrations of the year, but the guy has as many championship belts as you do. And he’s quickly developing a reputation as an attention-whoring goon. That can work in the world of MMA—just asked Conor McGregor—but it helps when your fighting matches your trash talk. That hasn’t always been the case for Page.

One person who was particularly irked by the video is Travis Browne, Rousey’s boyfriend. The UFC heavyweight made his anger known in a now-deleted Tweet that was captured by MMA Mania

How did Page respond? Not with fear or contrition, but by posting another video making fun of Rousey. 

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He better hope Browne didn’t catch wind of this one.