Tyson Fury Stops Boxing Mid-Match to Watch a Huge Fight in the Stands

He didn’t even have to buy a ticket.


Reports indicate that the most interesting part about Tyson Fury‘s comeback fight against Sefer Seferi was the audience. Even Fury thought so, as you can see in the video.

The one-time heavyweight champ made short work of Seferi, acting as if he was on a picnic. Seferi should’ve known better than to accept the fight given his notable reach—and weight—disadvantages. It was over in four rounds. 

About 15 audience members were involved when the brawl commenced, and Fury was so unconcerned with his opponent he even took a moment to enjoy the festivities before returning to the job of delivering a beat-down of his own. 

This was the definition of a comeback for Fury. He beat Wladimir Klitschko back in late 2015 (nearly three years seems like a long time to lay off polishing your punching game), then apparently decided to take it easy for a while. 

Tyson Fury is enjoying this

As for the actual match in the ring, the same rowdy audience wasn’t super stoked about it, reports the Express:

But after the fight began, fans quickly began to grow tired of the bizarre mismatch inside the ring; standing more than a foot taller than his Albanian cruiserweight rival, and with more than four-and-a-half stone weight advantage, Fury seemed more interested in showboating than fighting until finally catching Seferi clean with an uppercut at the end of the fourth round.

We have no idea who the fightin’ Fury fans will face next, though there are probably hundreds of soccer, baseball, and football fans up to the challenge. 

Tyson Fury might even buy a ticket for that.

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