UFC Boss Dana White Reveals Why Ronda Rousey Is Retiring Soon

"Yeah, it's winding down with Ronda."
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Guesting on Ellen this week, Ronda Rousey gave her fans a shock. She told host Ellen DeGeneres that when she steps into the Octagon with Amanda Nunes for UFC 207, she'll be fighting one of her last fights. 

Speaking with TMZ Sports, UFC president Dana White did not deny Rousey's headline-grabbing statement. He said that while he wasn't one to "to take the wind out of her sail," he knows "what's going on with her," and "yeah, it's winding down with Ronda."

Rousey White promo cut

Rousey and White (Photo: Getty)

White did not express any lack of confidence in the Rowdy one's ability to entertain in the ring, but he did acknowledge she was likely taking her charisma to a—for her—safer venue: the big screen. 

"I think when she says she's done she's done," White said, "Because you know, at the end of the day she stopped doing judo, she moved on to mixed martial arts, and I think when she's done with that she’ll probably move on to acting."

Rousey already has plenty of that on her plate, particularly with her likely starring in a remake of Road House, which was to come after two-fisted roles in the Entourage movie reboot, Furious 7 and The Expendables 3.

Based on the screen time she's had already we might agree with those who say Rousey's acting chops need some polish, but there's no doubt about her stunt fighting skills and undeniable charisma.

Even after she's done her last ground & pound on some unfortunate opponent, we won't be done with Rowdy Ronda.