UFC Fighter Devin Powell Suffers Ruptured Testicle While Sparring With Joe Lauzon

“I crushed his balls.”

Devin Powell Promo
Photo: Getty Images

Devin Powell literally got his balls busted by his training partner… and needed immediate scrotal surgery to repair the damage. 

The 8-3 fighter—who’s 0-2 in the UFC’s lightweight division—’grammed a cringe-inducing story after a grappling session with MMA vet Joe Lauzon put him in the hospital with a “ruptured testicle.” 


“I am checked into the hospital and ready for surgery,” he wrote. “Shout out to Joe Lauzon… we’ve been practicing knees on the ground and he successfully ruptured my testicle with his sheer power.” 

Candid details followed. 

“Now to get the blood clot drained and the goods repaired. I waited a day and a half to be seen.. word for the wise, if you hurt yourself, go get checked out.”

In a Reddit AMA, Lauzon described exactly how this testicular horror story unfolded. 


“We were grappling yesterday and I was switching left and right trying to pass his half guard. He had my right leg trapped and I tried to back step but he caught my leg… so it went back to the middle and I crushed his balls.”

A forthcoming sound bite contains what must be a blood-curdling scream from his training partner’s lungs. 


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“I have the audio of when it happened because one of my other guys had someone filming their roll.”

Fortunately for the Powell family jewels, the surgery was a success. The tatted-up brawler was back on Instagram five hours after his original post with a punny update. 


“I will come back stronger than ever, I wasn’t expecting this curve ball😂 but I’m going to hit my recovery right out of the park.” 

Godspeed, Devin. Know that we’re praying for you to heal up ASAP. 

h/t: Barstool