Watch NFL Cheerladers and UFC Octagon Girls Completely Own the Mannequin Challenge

Staying frozen in place never looked so hot...
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The New Orleans Saints cheerleaders and UFC Octagon girls have finally gotten in on the latest annoying internet craze. Both groups of scantily-clad beauties released a Mannequin Challenge video over the weekend, joining the frozen ranks of everyone from Victoria's Secret models to Paul McCartney.

First up are the Saintsations, a cheerleading team that is currently the only reason to watch the Saints, who are mediocre 4-5 start to this NFL season. 

Then there are the UFC's Octagon girls, who gathered in New York City this weekend for UFC 205. As they were getting ready for the big night, they froze in place for their own version of the already played-out meme.

Not that we're complaining. If there's one thing that can rejuvenate a tired internet craze, it's the participation of women who look like this.

But if you're hellbent on watching dudes make like mannequins, there's always these clips of the Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills getting their freeze on:

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