The Ultimate World Cup Drinking Game Is Here, And You Won’t Want to Watch Soccer Without It

Grab a glass and listen up.

World Cup Drinking Game Promo 2
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The World Cup will rage on for the next two weeks until it culminates with what will surely be a riveting championship on July 15 in Moscow. 

To make things extra interesting, the alcohol experts at Supercall have concocted an epic drinking game to keep you well-lubricated throughout the final matches of the ultra-hyped soccer tournament. 

In an apparent attempt to keep participants from getting totally wrecked by halftime, the rules call for a “sips” following more frequent occurrences like unison chants or flops and “gulps” following goals or player substitutions. In the event of a tie game or red card, get ready to chug.

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Grab a glass and read up! 

Take a sip:

  • Whenever someone asks you if you’re skipping work to watch this game (and you will definitely be skipping work to watch, since games happen between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the United States).
  • Every time an announcer mentions that the United States failed to qualify.
  • Every time the only sound you can hear is the crowd chanting in unison.
  • Every time someone lays on the ground looking injured.
  • Every time that person gets up and seems totally fine.
  • Every 30 seconds during extra time.

Take a big gulp:

  • Whenever someone scores a goal.
  • Every time there is a substitution.
  • Every time you see someone cry on camera.
  • Whenever a player pleads his case to the referee.
  • Whenever an announcer mentions Iceland if Iceland is not playing.

Finish your drink:

  • If there is an own goal (finish your drink right now if you don’t know what an own goal is).
  • If Fox cuts to a pre-taped segment about one of the countries playing in the game.
  • If a red card is handed out.
  • If the game ends in a tie.