Upgrade Your Winter Sports Routine With These Athlete-Approved Tips

Better ways for skiers, snowboarders, and runners to stay active this winter.

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Every winter, seasonal sports fans flock outside, eager to cut loose in the snow or on the slopes. You set up your gear, slip on your snow pants, scope out the weather forecast, and embrace the cold weather.

Outdoor winter sports are a terrific workout and an excellent way to get out into nature. But anyone who has ever wiped out (and most of us have at least once) will tell you, winter activities can be tough on your body. Not to mention the effects of these high-adrenaline activities—plus the low temperatures—can have on your body.

So what’s the key to fully enjoying winter sports? We’ve put together a range of tips to follow before and after your workout to help your body embrace the cold. If you’re breaking a sweat in low temperatures, follow these rules to help your body function more efficiently.

The Warm-Up


Load up with a nutrient-rich meal to start the day. A cup of joe will certainly help wake you up, but we recommend adding a dash of beam’s clarity CBD powder into your morning coffee. The totally-natural, CBD-fueled powder combines ashwagandha, Rhodiola extract, lion’s mane mushroom, and nano-CBD, helping you start your day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

The combination of these naturally-sourced ingredients boosts your energy and amps up your ability to focus, leaving you calm, clear, and energized—in prime adventure mindset. 20mg of CBD per serving also helps mitigate stress and anxiety. If coffee isn’t your vice, the vegan and gluten-free powder blends well with smoothies.

beam’s products are specifically designed with the sporting body in mind. Unsurprising, considering the brand was founded by two former pro-athletes, NHL player Matt Lombardi and ex-MLB pitcher Kevin Moran. After years in their roles playing with the New Jersey Devils and as a closing pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, respectively, they’ve crafted a THC-free line of products that improve mental and physical well-being in fellow adrenaline seekers.

beam co-founders Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran

Once you’re fueled up, warm-up before you get outside. The body responds to colder temperatures by storing more heat in the core rather than the extremities so with that in mind, perform a good warm-up before exercising in the cold to bring blood flow to the extremities/muscle and ensure they are prepared for your activity. This should consist of dynamic exercises to increase blood flow, rather than just static stretches.

Be sure to hydrate throughout your morning, and your day (if you can while on the slopes or rink). When it’s cold, we often forget that our body still needs water, especially if we’re sweating and losing moisture. 

“Stay hydrated. Similar to stretching, staying hydrated prevents cramping and increases your energy levels,” says former professional heavyweight boxer Ed Latimore. 

“During a workout, when you sweat you need to replenish the water that you are releasing. Hydration also regulates your internal body temperature so especially in the winter, staying hydrated will not only allow you to boost your energy but also to stay warm!” 

If you can’t bring a water bottle with you out on the slopes, focus on getting lots of water in you before you head out.

The Cool-Down


First things first, change out of those snowy clothes. “It’s extremely important to have dry clothes for immediately after a cold-weather workout,” concludes Professional Rower Maggie Fellows, a silver-medal rower at the 2019 Pan American Games. 

“If you sweat at all during the workout, it is very easy to get chilled if you stay in the same clothes afterward. Putting on warm, dry clothes absolutely takes priority over refueling and stretching when workout temperatures are low.”

Next, stretch up. “Even if it is cold out, it is important to not forget the cool down after exercising,” continues Dr. Wang. 

“You want to gradually bring your heart rate down because if you stop activity suddenly, this can lead to blood pooling in your extremities and make you feel light-headed or dizzy. Try to find an easier activity than what you were doing (for example if you were running/jogging, you can walk for a few minutes), to let your body adjust back to its normal state.”

Flinching from soreness? beam’s fixer helps soothe muscles while mitigating pain and fatigue, ideal for calming your body after adrenaline-fueled winter activities.

Cannabidiol, known by its stage name CBD, has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with beeswax and natural oils in fixer, the 16.67mg serving of CBD helps to release muscle tension after a tough day of exercise. 


It’s ideal for refreshing sore muscles (think your knees if you’re a skier or your quads if you’re a snowboarder) or rub a bit on your temples to soothe a headache. We love that it doesn’t have any hippie fragrances either—beam’s fixer is mixed with organic lavender and eucalyptus oil for a spa-like scent.

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Often it’s tough to wind down after a work out, particularly when the adrenaline is pumping after a day in the powder. A warm shower or bath will help your muscles relax, leaving you feeling drowsy.


Or, to truly let your body release, opt for beam’s dream powder. It helps promote better zzz’s, using active ingredients like melatonin, magnesium, reishi, and the brand’s nano-CBD to help you drift off easily and find your chill It comes in powder form—add a scoop to your favorite kind of milk or hot water and cozy up with a glass as part of your bedtime routine.

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