The NBA Celebrates Vince Carter’s 40th Birthday With Video Of His 40 Most Amazing Dunks

They don’t call him “Vinsanity” for nothing.

Over his 19-year NBA career, Vince Carter has thrown down hundreds, maybe thousands of in-game dunks. It’s hard to know exactly because there aren’t any good stats on this. But whatever number, it’s big. And you can double, triple, maybe even quadruple it when you include dunks during practice, exhibition games and when VC was just showing off. 

Those little-seen dunks, thrown down outside the normal confines of an NBA game of televised dunk contest, are the focus of the above video, uploaded by the NBA today. 

You’ll see Carter dunking at charity games, in practice and in small gyms. What you won’t see are the dunks you know best, like his career-defining cram job on French giant Frédéric Weis or his dunk contest-winning, elbow hang dunk that cemented his status as the league’s best leaper. 

The NBA, like the rest of the basketball loving world, is celebrating Carter’s 40th birthday today. And he deserves our admiration. Not only is he the oldest player in the league, but he’s still doing things like this:

Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise though. As we’ve known for decades, Carter is not human—he’s half-man, half-amazing.