Before Bam Margera was known as the hard-partying star of the hit MTV show Jackass, he was a respected pro skater. Now after years of being "drunk, injured and fat," he's finally getting back on the board.    

The above montage shows Bam and his buddies ripping through various locales in and around Barcelona, Spain. A rocking performance from his brother Jesse's band, CKY, serves as the video's soundtrack.

Bam Margera Promo

The 38 year old proves he's back to form with a street skating arsenal that includes flip tricks, spins and stalls.

He does occasionally eat shit, but that comes with the territory.  

"I think half a decade went by where I didn't skate," Bam reveals halfway through the video. "Being injured, being drunk and being fat. Those three reasons made not want to do what I love the most."

It wasn't until he dropped 30 pounds by backpacking and biking that he tried skating again. 

"Once my muscle memory came back, it was on." 

h/t: Highsnobiety