Watch Cranky Comedy Legend Bill Murray Just Walk Away In the Middle of an Interview

The celebrity golf fan just wasn’t in the mood.

bill murray caddy shack
Warner Bros.

Comedy great Bill Murray is a man of mystery, but we do know a few things about him. He can be unpredictable and testy, and he loves golf. After all, the former SNL cast member’s career really took off after he starred in the hit golfing comedy Caddyshack, so you could say the sport has been pretty good for him.

Murray was recently playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am PGA TOUR golf tournament when he decided he didn’t have time to talk to pro golfer Phil Blackmar or—more to the point—the cameraman dogging his and Blackmar’s steps. 

If you watch the video it goes from merely puzzling to pretty awkward in nothing flat. Murray first charges away from the towering Blackmar without a word, then when he feels he can’t just keep going turns and cuts off any attempt to joke with him by demanding the camera operator’s name. Blackmar either doesn’t know it or is hesitant to give it to a guy who could be hilariously acid-tongued at the drop of a hat and an apparently disgusted Murray just turns and leaves. 

It’s a damn awkward moment, and somehow also just vintage Bill Murray. 

As it turns out, it may be that the Pebble Beach Pro-Am just isn’t a good place for Murray to be. Last year TMZ cameras captured the bizarre moment when 36 years after Caddyshack, life imitated art as the funnyman was taunted by a real gopher. 

Whatever was going on, we hope Murray’s mood improves and he soon feels up to giving someone like Chrissy Teigen a new “Bill Murray story” to tell. 

h/t The Big Lead