Watch Conor McGregor Throw A Hilariously Bad First Pitch at Chicago Cubs Game

Twitter users roasted the UFC superstar for his pathetic pitch at Wrigley Field.

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UFC star Conor McGregor is good at a lot of things. He’s still MMA’s biggest attraction the undisputed champ of insulting opponents and hyping fights. And despite his string of recent losses, McGregor in his prime was the first fighter to hold championship titles in two UFC weight classes at the same time. 

However, the Irishman is apparently really, really bad at the chief skill required for at least two American sports: throwing a football or a baseball. McGregor proved this (again) Tuesday when he took to the mound at Wrigley Field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for a game between the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins. 

McGregor looked ready to go, even though he’s still recovering from a brutal lower leg fracture that tanked his last fight in the UFC against Dustin Poirier. He wound up well enough, and threw as if he was trying to toss the ball all the way back to Dublin or something. 

The pitch skewed wide of home plate and to the obvious dismay of the player waiting to catch it, the ball went bouncing into MLB history.

As for McGregor, despite his legendarily fiery temper, no one could accuse him of not having a decent sense of humor about his bad throw. In an interview afterward, he jokingly referred to it as “the most devastating first pitch ever SEEN in the iconic Wrigley Field.” 

He even doubled down and said, “the venom is there, the power is there — it’s a little off [accuracy]-wise, but you know, I’m on the one leg” that was injured in the match against Poirier. 

One person is probably as tickled as McGregor at the bobbled throw—Curtis Jackson, AKA rapper and actor 50 Cent. Fiddy did a similarly bad job when throwing out the first pitch at a Mets-Pirates game in May 2014, though like McGregor he was amused at his own bad aim.

If McGregor is now just a contender for Shitty Ceremonial First Pitch Hall of Fame, recalling the fighter’s way with throwing a football will surely put him over the top. 

As happened when he bungled his moment on the gridiron, social media went bananas with McGregor’s newest goof, including an eerily accurate side-by-side comparison between him and Fiddy on the mound. Turns out the “mechanics” of bad throws tend to be the same.

What will Conor McGregor do next as he continues rehabbing his leg? It’s anyone’s guess but for God’s sake, no one take him to a shooting range. If his aim with a gun is anything like his aim with balls, that would be a massacre.