Watch This Kickboxing Fight End In Utter Chaos With Sucker Punch KO and Fans Attacking Fighter in Ring

Damn, that looks painful.

The Glory 42 kickboxing card in Paris on Saturday featured a completely bonkers ending to the fight between Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grigorian.

First, Groenhart knocked out Grigorian with one punch after Grigorian inexplicably turned his back to him in the second round. Yes, it was a “sucker punch”, but it was also completely legal. Like boxing referees say to fighters before every fight: “Protect yourself at all times.”

After the controversial KO, several furious fans ran into the ring and attacked Groenhart. One dude even landed a wild punch that may have broken the winning fighter’s jaw. From the looks of the haymakers he was throwing, the attacker looks like he has spent some time in the ring before.

ESPN caught the brutal ending on video:

And here’s what happened when the pissed-off fans (or, more likely, tough guy friends of Grigorian’s) flew into the ring and attacked the winner:

And if it looks like those shots hurt, you’d be right. 

“Some guy caught me with a hook to my face,” Groenhart said on the broadcast. “I got my guard up. With those hands without gloves, it came through to my chin and my teeth. I think it’s broken [jaw], I don’t know. It hurts.”

Reports MMA Mania:

Based on the footage, the insane fans probably know how to fight. The first guy jumped into Groenhart while he was standing in the corner and leveled him with a blistering right hook. After that, the two men proceeded to jump Groenhart before his corner and Glory officials broke it up.

“I was in the corner and I saw these guys coming out,” Groenhart said of the attackers. “I was like come on guys this is a sport. Things happen. Some people get emotional, too close. But this is a sport and little children are watching this sport at home. You can not come into a ring like this.”

This is not a good look for Glory. Revamped security measures should be taken in the future so fighters feel comfortable finishing an opponent in front of a hostile crowd.