8 of the Greatest World Series Moments Ever That Will Get You Hyped for Dodgers vs. Astros

What’s your favorite?

Tonight in Los Angeles, the winner of the National League pennant and the winner of the American League pennant will meet for the World Series for the 113th time. As always with October baseball, every at-bat will provide an opportunity for heroics, because in the World Series, legendary status is always one play away.

As we wait impatiently for Clayton Kershaw‘s first pitch in Dodger Stadium tonight, here are some incredible moments from World Series past to hold you over until game time.

8. Willie Mays’ Catch

In game one of the 1954 World Series, the greatest centerfielder to play the game made one of the most ridiculous catches baseball fans have ever seen. The Polo Grounds was absurdly big—483 feet to dead center—and it’s hard to imagine any other player, past or present, chasing this down. 

7. Bill Buckner’s Blunder

This booted ground ball was, statistically speaking, the worst error in World Series history. 

6. Parachuting Mets Fan

Earlier in the game, before Buckner’s famous error, one of the weirdest World Series moments of all-time went down when Mets fan Michael Sergio descended from the heavens with a simple message: “Go Mets.”

5. Babe Ruth’s Called Shot

No one really knows if the Bambino was pointing to the seats and calling his shot in this at bat during the 1932 World Series. But what we do know is Ruth went deep and created one of the most lasting moments in baseball history. 

4. Don Denkinger’s Boner

If an umpire’s name is as well known as Don Denkinger’s, then you know he did something wrong. For Denkinger, it was blowing a call that allowed the Royals to make a comeback and win the 1985 World Series.

3. Bill Mazeroski’s Walk Off

The Pirates second baseman won the championship in 1960 with one swing of the bat in a homer that became known as “The Shot Heard Round the World.” It was the first time walk-off ended the World Series, immediately crowning a champion.

2. Joe Carter’s Walk Off

It took 33 years for Mazeroski’s feat to be repeated by Joe Carter, and it hasn’t happened since.

1. Kirk Gibson’s “Improbable” Bomb

It was only game one, so this unlikely homer from ailing Dodgers slugger Kirk Gibson didn’t win the Series, but years later it sure seems like the Series was over the moment it happened.