Watch the Sexiest And Funniest Commercials Ever Banned From the Super Bowl

Even ScarJo got kicked to the curb.

For every person watching the big game on Super Bowl Sunday and cheering on the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots there will be another who could care less—you know the ones, they use words like “sportsball” and eat all the cocktail weenies. For these non-fans, watching Super Bowl commercials might be the most fun they’ll have all day. 

Advertisers really go for broke with these spots. They’re paying millions to get such widespread attention and they want to make it count. Believe it or not, they sometimes go a little overboard. It’s a damn shame, too, because as you’ll see in the video compilation above, ads banned from the Super Bowl for being over-the-top are sometimes the most entertaining of all—some are sexy, funny, and just plain fun. The Scarlett Johansson Sodastream commercial alone would’ve been worth sitting through a game between teams you hate. 

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Sit back and enjoy this reel of past banned ads and hope that maybe the FCC will chill out eventually and not be so picky about what’s okay for airing on the biggest Sunday of the year. Especially if there might be more of Scarlett selling, well, anything. 

h/t FHM