Watch Indians Outfielder Austin Jackson Rob the Red Sox of a Home Run With Sickest Catch We’ve Seen in Years


The Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox have about as friendly a rivalry as any two teams in the MLB, but they bring their A-games to every matchup, and Indians outfielder Austin Jackson proved just how hard he’ll work in their Tuesday night game at Fenway, when he robbed Sox DH Hanley Ramirez of a home run in fantastic style. 

Ramirez seemed to know he had it, but Jackson launched himself to slam-dunk height right at the bullpen fence, snagged the ball, then flipped over the barrier as shocked Sox pitching staff looked on. 

Austin Jackson catch

John Farrell had the play reviewed, but there was no doubt whatsoever—Jackson robbed the Sox of a run with an unnaturally good play. 

As for Jackson, he later indicated he wished he’d just stuck the landing.

Unfortunately, Jackson’s stunning effort didn’t turn the tide. The Sox won and returned to first place in the AL East, 12-10.