Watch Two Obnoxious Poker Players Talk Trash During An Extremely Tense Hand at the WSOP

Who do you want to punch more?

If you’ve spent any time watching the World Series of Poker this month, then you’ve probably taken notice of Will Kassouf, a brash young Brit who’s attracted a lot of attention for just how awful he is. A relentless trash talker, Kassouf keeps going even when his opponent doesn’t engage and worse than that, slows the game down to an unreasonable pace.

On day 14 of the World Series, all of that caught up with him when he ran up against a soft-spoken opponent who wanted no part of Kassouf’s shit talking. It all started when Kassouf’s was dealt pocket kings and Canadian Griffin Benger got pocket aces. Benger raised, Kassouf re-raised and Benger bet again. As Kassouf was contemplating what to do about Benger’s $3.3 million chip raise, he started talking and would not shut up.

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“What do you want me to do, do you want me to go all-in or fold? Talk to me. You don’t say anything, I’m going to have to ship you. Play for the win, right? You doing the same? Are you going to wait for the next pay jump at 15? 90K is 90K right? That’s the main event for the next nine years.”

After another player at the table called for the clock, Benger let loose on Kassouf, ending an uncomfortably tense stand-off that one announcer likened to the “Russian Roulette scene” from The Deer Hunter.

 “You’re just an abusive person man, it’s not funny,” Benger said. If he would have stopped there, all would have been fine, but then he dug his hole with some whiny bullshit about “verbal abuse” and how Kassouf needed to “check his privilege.”   

In the end, Kassof went all in, Benger called and his aces held up. Kassouf went home, Benger kept playing and they were both liked by significantly fewer people than when this whole thing began.