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SummerSlam 2022 will feature the biggest WWE stars throwing down in the wildest matches and fiercest feuds. What kind of craziness will Pat McAfee get up to? What does special referee Jeff Jarrett have up his sleeve? And who will win the Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns showdown?

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Top 5 SummerSlam Moments

A lot can happen at SummerSlam. In fact, some of the most memorable events in wrestling have happened there over the years. Here are five favorite SummerSlam moments:

5. Macho Man Gets Married (1991)

The first memorable SummerSlam moment isn’t even a fight, feud or cool body slam. No, it’s that time Randy “Macho Man” Savage married Miss Elizabeth at the show. Sure, the couple had actually been married since 1984, but fans wanted to see these wrestling royalty personas tie the knot in grand fashion. Oh, and they did not disappoint, in true SummerSlam fashion.

4. Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels (2005)

The matchup between the Hulkster and Michaels was a dream bout for fans. Billed as “The Legend vs. The Icon” it ended up being far less of a blockbuster bout and more of a look at what happens when things go wrong due to ego. Rumors and stories aside, it’s obvious Michaels wasn’t happy with his scripted loss, so he started hamming things up to a ridiculous degree. Every hit from Hogan was like it came from Superman, sending Michaels flying across and even outside the ring. Definitely worth a watch.

3. Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano (1994)

The first women’s match in SummerSlam history. It was a riveting battle, with Nakano playing the villain, and her manager getting into the fray, as well. It’s also a notable match because despite showing what women could do in the ring, the WWE didn’t put a lot of effort into the women’s division for a long time after. 

2. British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart (1992)

Two wrestlers that are the top for old school fans. Both were giants of wrestling entertainment, and they were brother-in-laws, to boot. The hype behind their SummerSlam bout did not disappoint, and it was a masterpiece of showmanship and puts on display why fans will keep coming back year after year to the event. 

1. The Undertaker vs. The Undertaker (1994)

This is probably the strangest encounter at a SummerSlam. Like something out of a fighting video game the fan favorite, The Undertaker, took on himself in a bizarre bout. The character had disappeared for a few months, and then was brought back. But that turned out to be an imposter, and the original Undertaker definitely did not take kindly to his unfortunate doppelganger.

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