Wrestlemania 33: The Undertaker Retires, John Cena Proposes to Nikki Bella and Brock Lesnar Beasts on Goldberg

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The center of the wrestling world was temporarily transplanted to Orlando for more than seven hours Sunday night, as the WWE invaded Camping World Stadium with Wrestlemania 33. The Grandaddy of Them All did not disappoint. Several WWE storylines were wrapped up in dramatic fashion and there were a few surprises too. 

Here are the biggest moments from Orlando that wrestling fans are still talking about:

The Undertaker Retires
Though Wrestlemania 33 did not officially mark the end of the Undertaker’s legendary career, his match with Roman Reigns made it clear that it’s all over. The 52-year-old did his best to keep up as he traded blows with Reigns, who finished ‘Taker off with a handful of chair shots and five spears.

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Even with the loss though, this was Taker’s moment. After the the three count, he remained in the ring to soak in a ovation from the adoring crowd. And then he ended his night by slowly removing his gloves, hat and trench coat for the last time, leaving them behind in the ring. 

Cena Pops the Question to Nikki Bella
It’s not every year that Wrestlemania manages to squeeze a little romance into its seven-hour running time, making last night’s proposal by John Cena all the more notable. After he and Nikki Bella took out The Miz and Maryse, the beefy superstar dropped to a knee and asked Bella to be his wife. You’ll never guess what she said. 

Brock Lesnar Gets His Revenge on Goldberg
Since his return to the ring last year, Goldberg has beaten Brock Lesnar twice in less time than it takes to toast a bagel. The Beast got his revenge on Sunday. In a match that was much longer than their previous two, but still less than five minutes, Lesnar suplexed Goldberg 10 times. But it wasn’t a run away, as Goldberg delivered four spears in quick succession.

After hitting Goldberg with a final F5, Lesnar covered him for the three count and made no secret of how happy it made him. 

The Boyz Are Back
Few of the “surprises” at an event like Wrestlemania truly manage to leave people shocked. For those who don’t pay attention to the constant WWE rumor mongering, this one did. When The Hardy Boyz music started blaring throughout Camping World Stadium and the tag team legends made their return to the WWE after years out in the cold, the crowd went nuts. 

Gronk Makes His WWE Debut
In December of 2015, we wrote an article entitled “It’s Only a Matter of Time Until Gronk Becomes a Pro Wrestler.” That time arrived on Sunday.