The XFL Revealed Uniforms For All 8 Teams, and One Look Is Getting Roasted Online

“Congrats, you’ve now got the worst uniform in the XFL.”

XFL Uniforms Promo Final

WWE magnate Vince McMahon’s reincarnated XFL just revealed all eight of the new professional football league’s team jerseys and helmet designs. Most uniforms admittedly look pretty slick, but one particular is getting ruthlessly roasted on Twitter—see if you can guess which one we’re talking about: 

Los Angeles Wildcats 

Seattle Dragons 

St. Louis BattleHawks

Houston Roughnecks

New York Guardians 

Dallas Renegades 

DC Defenders

Tampa Bay Vipers 

As Bro Bible notes, the team colorway that’s facing the most ridicule is that of the Tampa Bay Vipers. 

Some simply goofed on the flashy green hue, while others accused the Vipers’ of ripping off the Oregon Ducks’ uniforms.

McMahon’s resurrected league previously came under fire when it was reported that players would earn a yearly minimum salary of $55,000—a fraction of the NFL’s $495,000 minimum. 

But money and looks aside, the XFL is officially happening. ESPN reports that the inaugural season kicks off on February 8 of next year. Each team will play five home and five away games by April 12, followed by one round of two playoff games held on April 18-19 and a championship game on April 26. 

Every XFL game in 2020 will be broadcast on either ABC, ESPN, Fox or FS1. Who ya got?