These Two Horny Yankees Fans Couldn’t Wait to Get Home, So They Got Busy on the Subway

And thanks to one pervy passenger, we have video.

The Yankees got hammered by their rival Red Sox 10—5 on Saturday, but not everyone in pinstripes went home sad. The pair of Yankee fans in the video above we caught grinding through their subway ride and appearing to reach a climatic finish as the train pulled into Grand Central Station.

While it’s possible that the crotches of these two horndogs are meeting in an unholy union, it appears that their pants are still on. That would make this what is commonly referred to as “dry humping.” 

You’re probably wondering, if first base is a kiss, second base is a genital touch and third base is oral, what baseball play is dry humping? Glad you asked. Dry humping is a bunt—a play that is relatively unexciting but accomplishes an intended objective. 

Believe it or not, this is only the second most captivating video produced by a Yankee fan this weekend. The other comes from Yankees YouTube vlogger JoezMcfly, who turned the camera on his face Sunday night as typically lights-out closer Aroldis Chapman came into the game with the Yanks up a run. After Chapman recorded one out, this happened. 

And here’s how JoezMcFly reacted. 

There are few better things than watching Yankee fans suffer.